Cancellation Policy

Generally, our cancellation policy changes depending on the city and dates being booked and is mentioned on the hotel details page on our website and app before making a booking. Please refer to the cancellation policy of each hotel before booking.

Hotels being booked may have their own cancellation policy and may charge user accordingly.

In case cancellation policy is not mentioned on hotel detail page, following cancellation policy will apply.

For Booking Cancellation of 3 Rooms or less:

If Booking is Cancelled by Customer (User, who is making the booking)
  • Before 24 Hours of check-in Time: 100% Money will be refunded means free Cancellation allowed.
  • Booking Cancelled less 24 Hours before check-in: One Night Booking amount will be charged.
Cancellation on the date of check-in

In case a persondecides to cancel a booking after check-in time or do not show up at the hotel, charges for the first nights or the complete booking amount, whichever is lower, will be deducted.

Cancellations during Stay

In case person decides to shorten his/her booking post the check-in date, a person will be charged for the next 24 hours after the official cancellation.

Amount for the remaining nights will be refunded.

For bookings of 4 Rooms or more:

A personneeds to pay at least 20% of the booking amount as advance to make a booking for 4 rooms or more.

If Cancellation is done 20 days or more prior to check-in date: 100% of booking amount will be refunded.

If Cancellation is done between 20 days to 10 days prior to check-in date 50% of booking amount will be refunded.

If Cancellation done less than 10 days prior to check in no refund (Booking amount will not be refunded).

Cancellation on the date of check-in

In case a persondoes not show up at the hotel, no refund is applicable on the booking.

Booking amount will not be refunded.

Cancellation during stay

In case a persondecides to shorten his/her booking for 4 or more rooms post the check-in date, no refund is applicable on the booking.

No Show:

If you don't show up at the hotel, you'll still be charged the entire amount and hotel can debit the amount from your card directly.

How to Cancel:

A person can cancel his/her booking using our website or mobile app.

A person can also call us on +91-9888668555 to cancel his or her booking.

The applicable refund amount will be credited to a person within 7-14 working days.

Only those cancellation requests which are made either online or on the phone to our customer support team shall be entertained. The Company shall not be liable to entertain any cancellation requests made directly to the hotel without intimating the Company and through any other medium including, but not limited to, SMS or e-mail or WhatsApp.